As would be expected of a leading signage manufacturing company, S&G Signs utilises only the highest quality raw materials. By specially selecting the most durable and robust material available on the market, S&G ensures the longevity of all signage, no matter how big or small.


Self-adhesive Vinyls, Aluminium, Mild Steel, Acrylic, Polycarbonate, Timber, Brass, Stainless Steel, Flexible Material and Digital Printing are just some of the materials and processes used in the manufacture of our signs.


Because customer satisfaction is a top priority, we are able to manufacture and install virtually all signage types and our designs can be adapted to accommodate individual customer requirements. From billboards and pylons to large external illuminated, moulded or flexible faced signs. From way-finding shopping centre signage and directory systems to statutory and emergency signs as well as all manner of tenant signage requirements from simple illuminated sign boxes to complicated neon executions.

Nor are we limited to the above-mentioned list. We are constantly researching and developing more efficient design and manufacturing methods to provide our customers the best product possible.