Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I buy any signage for my business? 

As a clear identifier of your business and its location. It creates association.


What is the benefit of signage to my business

Attracting attention and interest to and in your business.


What is the cost of the product/signage and related services? 

Depends on the requirements and specifications like vehicles, anywhere from a window sticker of R500 to a set of signs including pylons for R1m.


What is the life span and replacement cycle of the product?

Again, it depends on requirements and specifications from basic Chromadek wall sign to having your name up in lights as seen in Las Vegas.


What type of signs should I purchase to identify my business? 

Firstly, by having an idea of what you wish to achieve. Secondly, it depends on your footprint. And finally, it depends on how your business operates, e.g. 24 hours. Your location may also dictate the design of your sign. 


What are the delivery lead times of the product and its installation? 

The lead times vary depending on the specifications and size, from 3 weeks for small signs to 6 weeks for the large and sets of signs.


How does the acquisition process work to have signs installed?

You need to provide us with a basic graphic outlay that you have in mind and what you want. We will complete the initial design and cost estimate, which will be presented to along with an official quotation. Then together we will iron out the details and approve a final design, finalise the quotation and agree all lead times and installation dates.

What guarantees and useful life span do I get out of my signage?

Again, this depends on the specifications and design, but typically workmanship and materials quality is guaranteed for 12 months, with the electronics of illuminated signs being 6 months. Higher specification materials can be up to 5 years.


What and from whom are approvals required to display signage? 

If you are renting, typical approvals may include the letting agent and the landlord, as well as local council or municipality.

How often do I need to renew my signs? 

Depends on the changes in your business and your brand upgrades, but typical cycles vary between 5-10 years.