McDonald's Installations and Roll Outs

These projects are sight specific and entail installing multiple types of signs and structures incorporating numerous designs and modifications. S&G Signs, a privately owned company based in Cape Town South Africa, have done and continue to do installations and maintenance around the country for McDonald's restaurants both on standalone as well as sites in shopping centers.


The McDonald's signage is designed to have a high impact and irresistible attraction to the sight being advertised to attract customer attention. It is extremely important to ensure the McDonald's Corporate Image is adhered to and that structures and signage is designed installed and remains consistent across the various sites in accordance with the CI. The signage is manufactured to the highest standards of quality and design and in all cases where required these signs are signed off with engineers drawings see Figure 4 and all mild steel work is treated with a hot dip Galvanizing process for longevity and to ensure we are able to guarantee our products.


Over the last 8 years, S&G Signs have been installed and maintained signage at multiple locations in South Africa. The logistics of distributing the signs to the correct areas has been the major challenge but with careful planning and on time delivery from our factory we achieve a 98% on time and in full (OTIF) delivery. Moving the 32 ton trucks with a sites specific signage on time to the correct location or site for installation without damage around the country proved to be a challenge, with the right planning and monitoring and measuring this is possible. S&G track all their vehicles constantly. 


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